Google vs BingWhen we think of looking up something over the internet, we either search through Google or through Bing. Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has created a state of cold war continuously trying to outrun Google thoroughly. But, honestly, both the engines lead in various aspects including, quality, relevant information, speed, etc. Either of the two cannot be concluded as the strongest over other. But we could at least give it a try to compare both on various parameters.


Google has always been preferred over any other search engine because of its ability to provide relevant information and content related to search keywords. Google provides better quality of information within its first five listings and you get your destination without spending any more time further. Google has now inculcated an advanced option of instant search which results to saving in time. Moreover, this functionality provides quicker results in quicker time. And again, the information is quite relevant to the keywords entered for searching. For an example, if you wish to type “current affairs 2013”. Until you type “current affairs” in the search bar, Google immediately displays results for “current affairs 2013” and you do not need to type it further. See, how smart and quick Google is. Another aspect why Google is much preferred is because of its widely-accepted products such as Google Docs, Google+ and many others. As Google is one of the giant information provider, all its products also provide great information related to keywords. SEO also becomes quite easy.


Speaking of Bing, although Bing has tried to match up with the standard of Google, it is not largely preferred similar to Google. I am not saying that it does not prvide information but sometimes, many users are disappointed by the results. Besides, the entire keywords are required to be punched in into the search box to obtain results. Bing is worth mentioning for its social integration on a very large scale. Bing has incorporated Twitter and Facebook, the giant players in social networking sites. Cross-sharing of information is quite Google vs Bingsmoothly possible and it is also possible to search for information while you are still on Facebook or Twitter. Bing has also taken great efforts to make its result pages more attractive than Google which attracts and appeals to many internet users.

Bing has been in competition with Google since a long time and is thriving hard to match up to the level of Google, the master of search engines and Bing has done really well by integrating various plug-ins and other web-based apps to make sure that users obtain results smoothly and accurately.


Choice of search engine is just a matter of choice and preference. Of course, we take into considerations various aspects of search engines, especially the relevance of information provided by them. But, Google still leads the list of search engines because of its capability of providing rich information that too swiftly. A lot of time is saved and within few seconds, the results are displayed while we are yet to finish typing the entire combination of keywords.