download (9)Whether it is apparels or shoes, home loans or any heavy machinery, every product has some common features that can make it go viral on World Wide Web. What is required is the skill to fully comprehend the different aspects of Viral Marketing and work accordingly. The viral marketing doesn’t happen overnight but needs a perfect planning, often referred to as science of marketing. It is beneficial for the small as well as the big companies as it doesn’t require a huge budget to be invested. Any business can achieve a viral hit and can generate a considerable business through effective online marketing.

The main problem that companies face while promoting their products is the lack of trust amongst the prospective customers. We all know that word-of-mouth publicity plays a prominent role in boosting a product. As every one of us wants a genuine product buckled with best price, authenticity is one such element that affects the purchasing pattern of the offline as well as the online customers. Hence in order to imbibe this trait in all our online promotion following factors should be kept in mind.

Consider the worth of your customer’s money: Customers always like to purchase from a place which makes them feel special and a provider that always goes beyond their expectations. This can be both in terms of service as well as the cost. Exclusive sales and lucrative offers can really give your customers a ‘wow’ feeling.

images (17)Send frequent prompts: If you think that your product has gained a noteworthy attention and it doesn’t need to be promoted any further, then you are wrong. Even there are chances that people miss out on your product and purchase from some other website. Hence it is advisable to direct them again and again to your website by sending them frequent prompts in the form of mail and messages. This will always keep your product in spotlight and of course lending you a good sale.

Target emotional feelings: As we all know, people tend to purchase an item with which they identify. That means somewhere down the line they are emotionally connected with their customers. And touching base on the emotions of your customers can really help you connect well with them. For instance, if you read an article that motivates you a lot and you want that others should also read it, you’ll definitely share it with your friends and relatives.

Work on the visibility of your product: If you products carries appealing logos and graphics, your product is sure to get registered in minds for a longer time. Even striking colors can also attract customers while they witness someone using the same product. Hence, it is always advisable that you give your product a distinctive look and personality.

Adhere to the usability of the product: Let’s say you create a product but that item doesn’t really help the user to become more efficient then why should he/she be buying your product. So always give something constructive to your users. Besides also let them know how it can help them improve upon their lives. Always give them a reason that why should they buy your product.

Share some product related stories: Behind every creation, what goes in is a lot of effort. So why not share the same with the users and let them know how the product was made and what really inspired the creator to make this product. It can be an origin story or a single statement describing the product.