download (8)Flickr is a free-of-cost image sharing network with a very robust and active user base. It is perhaps one of the biggest image and video sharing social networking sites present on the World Wide Web. According to the reports of September 2010, Flickr hosted more than five billion pictures.

Recorded below are some tips for utilizing Flickr for business:

  1. Utilize your website address as your Flickr screen name

Whatever you do on Flickr will be showcased alongside your screen name, each image you upload, each comment and each message you post in a group discussion. Always be an active participant of Flickr community and enable your screen name promote your website URL. Top tip: If a picture or group is getting a number of comments, ensure you get engaged as this is a chance to get you name placed in front of number of audience. But always ensure that your discussion with them is quite genuine.

  1. Utilize your Flickr profile to advertise your firm/products/services

Flickr enable you to build a profile where you can lend a short biography and record a website name and address. Utilize your profile to let other know about your business but always keep the sales pitch to a minimum amount. As with all social media platforms, the hard selling part always turns off the audience. Top Tip: Set your Company logo as Flickr icon.

  1. Upload high-grade images of your products/services and stuff related to your business

Utilize your Flickr account to upload sets (quite similar to albums) of business-linked pictures. Be innovative: If there are some entertaining/novel applications for your products, let others know. If you are running a farming business, images of new lambs go down a treat. Utilize Flickr to lend the outside world a sneak into your business.

  1. images (20)Tap your images and utilize relevant keywords

Lend each image a name and a description. These descriptions must be precise but try and escape any marketing puff here. It’s just about the picture and not about hard selling. Add tags to each images embracing your Firm name and website as this will definitely show in search function. Top Tip: ensure you link significantly to your site from your Flickr stream. This is not only for generating traffic from Flickr but also helps you to enhance your SEO rankings.

  1. Find and join suitable groups

You will find hundreds and thousands of groups on Flickr, embracing just about each and every industry and sector you can imagine. Search the groups that are relevant to your business, join them and share your pictures. If you come across pictures you like, favorite them and then add the particular person to your contact list-this is a social network that we call.