download (14)If you want to set up a fresh blog or want to makeover the old one, your first choices would be probably common platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, MovableType and more.

However based on the kind of website you desire to set up, you may desire to given Tumblr another look. Although Tumblr is not apt for each blog, for certain types of websites, it can be a very strong time-saver ad traffic generator.

So even though it is simple to discard Tumblr as just other micro-blogging service, it is essential to not dismiss it so soon. Underneath the veneer of this micro-blogging service there lies a string blogging board that more than sufficient for some of the many famous blogs that includes Keyboard Cat and Gary: Landlord of the Files.

But is it correct for your blog? That is a big question which you can answer but here are some things that you need to consider.

Some Advantages:

When you consider utilizing Tumblr for your blog, a number of potentially appealing advantages that might be of interest based in the type of website you desire to run.

Convenience: By utilizing bookmarklets, mobile apps, phone posting, IM submissions and other such methods to publish content, it is very quick and very simple to get short-form content onto your Tumblelog that embraces videos, pictures and quotes etc.

images (28)Customization: With this blogging platform you can select a theme as a beginning point but customize it with almost boundless potential. This embraces adding ads and a custom domain name as well.

Hosted Solution: A Tumblelog is kind of hosted on Tumblr’s service which is capable of attracting large traffic spikes and is a trustworthy thing.

Built-in community: Tumblr is also a network which has some built-in networking aspects that lets you create native visitors.

Free: It is a completely free of cost platform and you need not pay for any feature or tools.

But the question is, is it for you?

If you are thinking whether Tumblr is right for you or not, the simplest way to look at the kind of posts Tumblelogs can possess ad see if they are going to be the types of posts you are going to do more often. They are text (short form), image, quote, link, chat, audio and video. If most of the posts fall under one of the above mentioned categories without requiring a lot of text, Tumblr may be a great choice.

Given below are some blog types where Tumblr best fits:

Photography Blogs: Tumblr makes it simple to do image-based posts, particularly with a Flickr account, than a default WordPress blog and contains impressive themes for the same.

Audio/Video Blogs: Tumblr also goes well with embedded audio and video turning it easy to prepare a blog-like home page for your YouTube account.

Linkblogs: It is more elastic and strong than Twitter for creating a linkblog and contains more features than other social bookmarking websites.

Short Form Text: If you plan to post haikus, quotes or any other such text which would contain a few hundred words, its feature makes it quicker and simpler than other alternatives.