images (4)Social marketing is all about promoting your products and services through the platform of social media. As we all are aware that social media has become one of the important marketing tools and has emerged as the forefront of Internet. Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites witness billions of people each day where they spend a considerable time on these web-based applications. And it is not specific region or country but globally.

This throws open endless opportunities for an Internet marketer where he can easily market his products, services and concept without any problem. But the major issue that these Internet marketers have is the lack of awareness of how to use these social media platforms.

When sometimes they try to market their product and services, certain rules and regulations come their way and hence there sites are blocked from doing that. It is because marketers do not go through the rules properly or do not pay attention to their importance. In the past not many options except paid marketing were available to the marketers on social media networking sites. This was rather a costly affair especially for a beginner.

But their continuous demand to be able to use social networking sites to market their products has enforced the web giants to make some interesting changes which finally has given them opportunity to spread the word about their products and services.

Although Facebook seems to be losing charm it is still an attraction for some users and needless to mention but a very powerful marketing medium. Here we can create pages related to our businesses or niches. Besides one can build a strong header image and a profile image and put those on his business page.

images (5)Google+ is yet another social site that is gaining more and more popularity and is giving a firce competition to Facebook. Similar to Facebook, here also you can create pages with strong header and profile images. Moreover you can set as many as far as they are unique.

When it comes to promoting business, LinkedIn is a great site Not only this site enables you to share your business profiles but also let you connect with businesses of the same nature or people who are working on the same domain. This is one of the best marketing tools and you must consider it if you are not using it currently.

Whatever be your product or service of marketing, you need to make sure that it is not spam. Remember spam is not all about emails and is also witnessed in social media networking sites as well which includes blogs, writing directories, online forums and others. What results in spam is bulk sending unwanted emails to folks. Besides, when you put advertisements in blog comments, posts and forums, it is also taken as a spam by myriad search engines. Hence if you want a clean business you would never want to spam.