download (2)Social media the most popular media for marketing have many usefulness but few people know the dark side of it. Here are the pros and cons of social media.


1) In today’s world people can learn how to improve their products and services. They believe in

open market policy by reading the comments of the people about their products.

2) They keep two important factors in mind :- prelaunch and post launch of their products through

social media marketing.

3) They collect feedback from the customers and accordingly they plan so that they may get very active response of their own business.

4) To them cost is an essential factors. The companies now display their products through newspapers, display banner on the roads to grab the customer’s attention and through internet.

5) The easiest way for any company to reach the customers globally is through social media. They may know deeply about the need of the customers about the products globally.

6) It also helps them to expand their own business globally.

7) To build relationship social media marketing plays an important role. The customers can submit their feedback through social media and in return it helps the companies to work on and make necessary changes if require.

8) To give their product a brand value and to maintain their goodwill, social media marketing helps the organizations to submit updates about their products globally where people may know about the brand value of the products in the market.

9) One most important factor is good quality of customer service. People may submit their own comments instead waiting for emails and phone calls on this social media marketing website and they get a response immediately.

download (3)Cons:-

1) Time is an important factor to them. To rely on social media marketing it involves time consuming also. There are many websites which get involved, interacts with the people, builds relationship, tasks to complete daily. In reality, this is not what they want to do actually.

2) There can also be negative response. The negative response spreads faster through social media marketing than normally.

3)Sometimes they lose control of their own products. Anything they launch through social media marketing is ready to accept and on the other hand people also criticize easily.

4) Social media marketing websites need a constant update with new ideas and offers about the products of the companies. It is very difficult for them to constantly bring new ideas and offers and to grab the interest of the readers, and without relevance their efforts get wasted.

5)They need to wait for longer period of time in social media marketing now a days. It might be a month or years before they start seeing it translating into increased customer loyalty and sales.

6)In social marketing media, the content provided by the companies sometimes does not give a clear picture to the readers. If it is proved to be inconsistent by them then gradually they will realize that the number of audience has reduced and the number of visits reduced in their web site.