images (36)Pinterest is one of the largest growing social media websites on World Wide Web. This is a site which is built around the concept of sharing images, users pin images to their profiles for sharing it with other Pinterest users. Let’s see how you can start with Pinterest:

Apply for an account: Pinterest still works under invitation only, despite is a small technicality and after you have submitted your request for a Pinterest account, you can anticipate confirmation within less than two days. Although you have the facility to login to Pinterest account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, it is better to set up a Pinterest account with a valid email address and password as this social network still does not unify with Facebook business pages.

 Build your pin boards: When describing your boards, take notice of what would appeal to your aimed audience. You can and should own a number of boards with a number of themes like the book you like, images from events, featured products and services, inspiring places you desire to visit, products you like, client success stories etc. For different ideas, you can always surf around Pinterest website to have a look at other’s online activities on their boards. You can also search by relevant keywords to find boards connected with your topics of interest.

Name your boards: There is no need for you to utilize the default titles that Pinterest will suggest you. Rather than rename your boards with detailed, keyword-rich titles that will aid Pinterest users get your content.

images (37)Download the Pin It button: the social site make it simple to share content by enabling you to download a simple button to add to the toolbar present on your web browser. This makes it simple to pin interesting content to your Pinterest boards.

Begin pinning content: One of the best benefits of pining images to Pinterest is that a link is by default included back to the pinned image’s source. So if you want to pin a dress from Amazon, a link will be added back to the dress’s page on Amazon. The same holds when you pin images from you own site or blog-and you must do it in a consistent way. By pinning each fresh blog post, you add links back to your own blog which results in enhanced traffic. You always have an option to add descriptions to every image that you pin to Pinterest boards so ensure to embrace a descriptive title. You can also include an extra link if you desire to, which can also contribute to enhanced search engine optimization for your site since Pinterest presently enables Google to follow these links.

Build your audience: You also have the choice to cross-advertise your Pinterest presence with other social media networking platforms by regularly sharing link to your Pinterest boards. Besides you can also link Pinterest with your Twitter and Facebook profiles to by default share your fresh pins there.