images (15)Making a Facebook Fan Page is an interesting method to advertise your business, create awareness for a reason, and to accumulate support for your business or to promote in a variety of other ways. If you are interested to make a Facebook Fan Page, follow these simple steps and you will be creating a following without any delay at all.

Setting up your Facebook Fan Page

Sign in to your Facebook account. Punch in your username and password. If you do not possess a Facebook account, you will have to build on to own a Fan Page.

  • Owning a Facebook account will be useful as you already know about Facebook and familiar with it. Plus you also have friends on Facebook who can send invitation to follow your page.

Click on the settings tab placed on the top right-hand corner of your Facebook Page. You will always find at the far right of the page.

  • Click on “advertising”.
  • Search for “Build your Facebook Page” option placed to left of the center of the screen and then click on option “Create a Page”

Click on the page type you would look forward to build. Given below are six categories:

  • Local business or place: If you select this option, you require to choose the option of your business or place or to punch in the location or address of your business.
  • Firm, Organization or institution: If you select this choice, you will be required to choose the category of your firm or company, organization or an institution and then punch in the Company Name.
  • Brand or Product: For this one, you will be required to choose the category of product and to punch in the product name.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure: For this one, you will be required to choose the category for the type of artist, band or public figure, you will be advertising also his or her name.
  • images (16)Entertainment: For this one, you will be required to punch in the type of entertainment also the name.
  • Cause or Community name: For this one, you will be required to punch in the name of the cause or community name.
  • For all of the above given categories, you will have to click to “Agree to Facebook Pages Terms” before you move on.

Click on the option “Get started”. After you have selected the suitable category and offered basic information, you will be allowed to begin adding some information for you Facebook Fan Page.

Upload a profile image. You can upload an image from your Pc or a website. Select an image that will represent the person or place you are striving to advertise.

  • Click on the option “Save Photo”.

Complete About section. Here you will offer basic information about your cause. You should embrace a description as well as a web portal as this will enhance you rankings.

  • You can also offer another link like link to you company’s Twitter Page.
  • Click whether or not the Facebook Fan Page represents a real celebrity or popular person.
  • Click on the option “Save Info”