images (22)In this competitive industry, marketing has become extremely essential that too which is highly effective and broad reaching. That is why; business organizations analyze and make strategies for effective marketing.

These days, because of heavy traffic over the internet, maximum number of firms is now targeting social networking websites for promotional activities. Of course, we all know that millions of users are online on Twitter and facebook across the globe at any given point of time. This is the very reason why business organizations have begun their mini campaigns as a part of their marketing plans on social networking sites as the message passes across within few seconds and you can easily acquire millions of customers.

If you wish to quicken the process of marketing in limited resources that are available, here are few pointers below.

1.      React to current events that have happened:

It is a very tricky strategy of spicing up any current event that has occurred that is relevant to your industry. You could throw some catchy lines or fancy dialogs over the social media. You might even want the public to share their views, opinions on the same. Create a portal or a blog site which would serve as a common platform for internet users to share their views and simultaneously, respond to their responses.

images (23) 2.      Keep launching new products/services:

It is a smart move to inform your customers and make them aware about your recently launched product or a service that could be of relevance to them. You could publish eye-catching product articles and publish them over social media to attract customers. This is one of the mostly used business marketing mantras.

3.       Entice customers to a special event, promotion or a demonstration:

Launching of a product generally needs a demonstration session. Why not use this opportunity of inviting customers to the demo event? Of course, you really do not need to spare lots of time in inviting customers for a product demo. Just highlight your demo event over social media and then see the response. You are sure to receive an overwhelming response because news over social media travels with the speed of fire.

4.      Frequently share a company video or a customer video:

One of the best ideas is to publish a message video of any product from either you, or from one of your employees. You could even use any of your customers in the video to speak about the product as e testimonial. This way, you can get engaged with your customers very easily and your customers would also be updated.

5.      Always thank your customers for their trust and support:

It is never a bad thing to appreciate your customers through a video for their trust and loyalty over you. You could even make them realize that you are actually using their feedback to improvise the existing product or a service.

6.      Timely offer tips or information to your customers:

Business is a two-way process of give and take. It is not necessary to always make business through taking. You could even give them some informational tips in kind of how-to guides.

You really never know which idea would work for you and you could get even luckier.