brian-dean-header-imageOver the last few years, scaling the link building campaigns is really essential. Scalable tools like Panda or Penguin actually has no relevance much in the past years and were always referred to as “cheap scalable tools”. If you use your common sense wisely, you can still explore the opportunities in order to scale them in today’s world of quality, authentic natural link building.

Link builders need to thoroughly understand what actually is needed to be scaled because if they scale wrong things it would lead to a great disaster. Hence, here are few tips on scaling and building links.

Devote some time on link partners’ communities:

While you are trying to build links, you might get desperate and thus, grab any coming opportunity you find. This is when you actually commit mistake by sprawling for any potential link partner. To earn real links, personalized active participation with every link partner is really crucial. However, as a strategist, you can design better effective campaigns for link building. It will be highly beneficial if you use the same strategy on various link partners instead of designing new strategies every time for individual link partners.

Maintain a balance between power and ease:

It is always advisable that you chase those link partners that can be reached easily, and then it does not matter even if these links are not the best but are relevant, authentic, and natural. Even small consultants have great experience and you can build your links with them easily instead of chasing the powerful links that are hard to reach. You actually should prepare a scale or define metrics for measuring your efforts on link building so that you get an idea of what kind of links have been easily acquired.

Go beyond keywords for relevant link communities:

Don’t find communities or link partners limited to keywords search. It is the tendency of link builders to chase those links which fall within the sphere of your search keywords which is wrong. You can even chase those links that are somewhat related to your sphere and nature of keywords. You can refer to your vendors list, customers list, consultants related to your industry, and many other sources.

title-link-building-philosophyCategorize your link communities into defined groups:

It can be difficult to define the communities into specific defined groups for building links so that you get an idea of targeting links. Define your groups on the basis of demographics or campaigning patterns. If the strategy is relevant for all building links with all the communities, then you can use them and if not, you need to design new strategies for every individual community. Thus, your strategy will become more defined, rich and relevant.

Reach communities to gain leadership in search results:

It is now time that you figure out what actually works to build links with well-categorized online communities and then keep improving the strategies. Keep your strategies authentic, so that you have something worthy of sharing with the