Facebook is one of the most effective tools which can be734086_217886281712789_1517207247_n used to extract valuable data, or share information, and even market your business message. But have you ever thought why a particular Facebook post obtains a large number of likes and shares while some posts remain low. Many business owners get irritated by such low response because they actually fail to understand how the entire thing works.

Surprisingly, maximum number of business owners do not understand the meaning of optimizing their Facebook page and hence, does not receive the desired response from their fans or their followers. But as a business owner, you should know the drill of attracting large traffic on your Facebook Page.

Well, Facebook comes inbuilt with many measuring tools that should be effectively used and monitored by business owners so that you get the maximum number of likes on your posts. Here are three important tools that are inbuilt in Facebook which exist within and marketers do not even know that they exist, so use of them of way beyond.

1.      To optimize your posts on Facebook, you should track your engaged users:

You should definitely not waste time on guessing which posts will receive a maximum response from your fans but instead, try to measure those posts which have already become popular. For this, navigate to Insights dashboard and click on the tool View Insights that come under dropdown menu under the cover photo of your Timeline. Keep scrolling down until you come across a chart of all the posts on your page. Beside every post, there are several columns amongst which, one is of engaged users. You can use this tool to measure the number of hits hit on every post by them. Once when you do this, you can compare all the posts and the users to generate the similarities and drawbacks so that you can work on these drawbacks.

Graph-Search1 2.      Keep a track of the traffic using the external referrers tool:

For popularity on facebook, you need to have visitors at the first place. Many actually fail to drive traffic towards Facebook and ultimately on your website through facebook. Hence, to find out from where the traffic is actually incoming on Facebook, navigate to Insights dashboard and hit Reach and then you can scroll down to look for external referrers to obtain a list of all the websites and the even the number of users that have arrived from each of the websites.

3.      Talking about this should be paid attention to timely:

Talking about this actually gives you the information about how many people have been active on your page in the past seven days. Their active engagement includes tagging, sharing, liking or commenting. This is the most important tool because it gives you a better insight on how popular your post is or how much it has been appreciated by online users.

Thus, to become popular on Facebook, optimizing your page is very necessary.