images (16)Keyword data is highly important for business owners because they make use of this data to strain the most searched keywords and eventually develop content oriented according to these funneled keywords. The significance of these keywords is so crucial that business owners tend to furnish content related to the most entered set of keywords so that they obtain a position in the top results of search engines and even obtain heavy traffic on their websites, ultimately.

Google recently started encoding all the fundamental searches on their site. This implies that the business owners would have no more fortune because Google would not be supplying keywords to the business owners who ever tracked the data of keyword that was provided by Google.

In 2011, Google had unveiled the data of keyword and defined it not provided for any user who logged into their Google account. Though known as “Secure search”, Google had mentioned that this step was taken as an attempt to safeguard personalized results delivered by it. Google understood that this major change would have an impact initially as a single-digit percentage for all searches related to Google. Today, that number stands near to 75% of websites located by not provided count.

For business owners who purposely create their web content limited to keywords mentioned by Google saying that people search for these keywords, here are some important tips:

You probably can obtain data on keywords if you purchase the ads:

Surprisingly, Google is ready to pass on the data of keywords to you if you run the ads on Google. Well, it is a situation bit of disguise as it is hard to judge whether Google is trying to make money by hiding such relevant fundamental keyword data.

images (17)You can still obtain data on keywords from Google webmaster Tools:

Via Google’ s Webmaster Tools, you can actually get to see 90 days old top 2,000 queries that were enquired for. Google says that these 90 days will extend to a year in the future. You might lose data if you do not keep a consistent track on such data and archive it. By using AdWords, you can save this information for a longer time as long as you please.

Adopt innovative methods to develop creative content ideas

It is now time to look for innovative methods for developing keywords and content research because the keyword data in Analytics you used to refer to develop some great content ideas, would be taken away. Instead, you could seek some recommendations from Ubersuggest which is a great tool. Also conduct an analysis of internal search data.

Narrow down your focus to optimization of conversion rate:

It seems that even if keyword data disappears, it will give business owners to rigorously storm their brain to develop some great ideas which will ultimately lead their landing pages to have more improved and relevant content. This is perhaps the most optimum way of optimization of the conversion rate your aiming to.