images (18)In the modern era of social media and marketing, it is greatly hyped that real-time marketing is utterly important and by virtue of this much hyped belief, even managers are forced to participate in the conversations that are news-driven over the social media. But, when businesses or brands take such a step, it could either create an impression at best of being forced or at worst; offensive.

Real time marketing is a task of cleverness that balances the advantages of participation in such conversations your customers tend to have with the possible damage that is done by the content that focuses more on the brand than audience. If you really wish to give in inputs about some news-driven posts, you could review following five questions and then make a move:

Is that event really relevant to your brand or your consumers?

It is not necessary that an event gaining too much interest from your consumers needs to have much relevance in reference to your brand. The relevance depends upon three factors:

  • People: If the even has much effect on the people of your city or even on your employees and on a majority of your customers, then it is definitely relevant to your brand and is sure to affect it directly.
  • Content: If your brand focuses more on current happenings or social issues, it could stay there on the web space for a while and might not remain relevant.
  • Necessity: Your response needs to be specific and even according to the situation. Try to analyze whether your consumers seek your response or your response is of no importance to them

Does it portray to be self-promotional?

It is not possible for you to Photoshop the image of your brand. Your brand’s tag line is the crux to portray your brand image as better and worthwhile instead of sculpting a line from noted speeches.

images (19)Can generic commentary be worthwhile?

Never make use of words like do not forget to on social sites as they seem silly and irrelevant. Generic comments are sure to lead your brand to criticism as it may portray your desperation to be a part of the active topic.

Did You Review your content scheduled for that day or anyone else has?

Be sure to check the timing of your content when you post it. Make sure that it does not collide with other such scheduled content otherwise their context might ruin your post of content entirely.

Does your post actually mean something rather than not saying anything at all?

Your fans might get disappointed if you do not turn up on any post posted by you or even if you have once or twice and did not continue further, your comments might just get lost in the big conversation and your point of view will actually have no relevance which is quite embarrassing for you and your brand.

Managers are sure to come up with more effective measure that could be taken while posting news on social sites but for now, this piece of advice will suffice.