403616727_eccce913dc-300x225Assets that can be linked are widgets, pages, discounts, tools, relationships, and any other pages or people associated with your business organization that provides incentives to others to share all the links with their website visitors. When you absolutely understand what can be linked about your business as well as all the types of assets that help you earn links in your industry, you will find it very easy to identify your link opportunity kinds. Identifying these kinds actually make your more influential at prospecting for these link opportunities. Following are few linkable asset divisions that will make it easy for you to think about all the linkable assets beneficial for your organization.

Free tools and apps on your site:

Do you ever provide free web-based tools or apps to your website visitors? If it is so, then you already have attracted quite a lot of links naturally. If you have not yet promoted such tools for effective link building, then these widgets could actually be helpful to you to develop more links.

Give away products or services for contests, donations, or review:

You can easily earn links if you give away products and/or services through thank-you pages, product or service review from experts, and through contests in your industry. It is the easiest way to build links but your competitors might have already used this path. However, this path can be extremely rewarding as it helps you to obtain contact details provided by customers by virtue of contests.

Tools, widgets, data, and images for publishers:

Have you ever designed tools, widgets, data, or images that publishers of other sites are open to add to their sites? Embedded tools, infographichs, research datum, and other types of information designed for the purpose of giving them away is a powerful and classic method for generating links. If you are in possession of any of these assets and you have not yet promoted them aggressively, then you definitely are missing out on valuable relationships and links.

link-buildingSubject experts and though leaders:

If your organization has subject matter experts and thought leaders, make them productive as their writings and sharing them would help you build links through guest posts, interviews, and even quote contributions to news publications in your industry.

Events, Job listings, and coupons:

You also have good link opportunities open if your business organization consistently puts on events, publishes job openings, or even launches new products/services. Many cities have event schedules that will readily publish information about your event and even post links on their own sites for gaining more information through signup.

Regular publishing through videos, blogs, Twitter, podcast and even more:

Is your organization into daily publishing of content? These assets open up a large number of link opportunities for you through niche social news websites, blogs, PDF submissions, and blog directories.


Money is the most important linkable asset because if you have enormous money, you can offer it in exchange of a link to another website. Purchasing link opportunities is however easy and even your competitors do it.

You need to think creatively and broadly when you begin with your link-building campaign so that you obtain effective, stronger, and influential campaign design.