Facebook-Advertising-PPC-At present time, a huge number of online entrepreneurs are connected to social media advertising like – Facebook. It is become necessary for them to establish a better bond with their customers. Yet, only a few of them understand the highly essential business strategies through Facebook tools for sales, marketing and advertising purposes.


It is amazing that Facebook is now overflowing with more than one billion regular profile holders. So, an internet marketing holder can imagine that how many potential customers spend time by connecting on Facebook. For example, Facebook has started from west but now more than 3 billions, of Asia’s population, are using this social network.


Why Facebook advertising is preferred over traditional methods of sales and marketing? The answer is straightforward to mention here – an average profile holder spends more than 50 minutes everyday on Facebook. The same user has higher than 130 connections or links through Facebook for various web pages. Also, he or she attends minimum 4 events each month right from this popular social media platform. There is no doubt that the popularity of Facebook is now stronger than Google networking – the top search engine of this planet. This directly indicates that a big number of links are now available with Facebook and a huge number of citizens clicking on those web pages to perform either sign up processes or to reach Facebook itself.


The negative point, if any is stated, then that Facebook is continuously battling lawsuits, issues with confidentiality and the very called “Like”. Recently, newspapers across the globe have been publishing that Facebook is now uncontrollable as it has so much access to data. When Facebook information has been stored then cookies are kept on limitless places and always tracking them.


screen shot facebookIn spite of all these problems, ad promotional activity through Facebook can be very effective. This is because an online web page owner can demonstrate his products/ services for more connections of this planet, than what presently his internet site offering from clients and visitors.


Another point is that when it is all about relationship building for lead generation then Google marketing fails and Facebook just rises. The reason behind this is – Google has asking questions and receiving answers format, while Facebook have social profiles and friends of friends are linked to those people.


Secondly, the ad promoting tactics of Facebook is different from Google Adwords or search engine optimization marketing strategies. Yet, advertising through Facebook is as effective as SEO marketing and Google Adwords. At some level again Facebook ad promotions are better than other marketing sources.


What Facebook now become? A great sales, marketing and advertising tool which far beyond Zuckerberg’s dream to create only a social networking site initially. Yes, this is true that this social media platform was never created for marketing or advertising purposes. That may be the reason that advertising tactics through Facebook are a bit complicated for new comers in online business. No doubt that there are the requirements to master the art of Facebook advertising, but the outcome and earning is outstanding then any other online business source can offer.