There is tons of survey website available on internet, which commit some good income by taking products and services survey and they paid some 4$ to 6$ for completing each survey, but the question is they legit? And why they paying that much for just knowing users views?

Answer is simple these survey comes from websites like DELL, MICROSOFT, SONY and some most popular brands, these company tweaking there products and services by implementing necessary changes.

But the number of company and advertiser who take participant of these surveys are very rare and very hard to find them. By taking the advantages of this many webmasters scamming visitors and peoples.

What profit they got by scamming visitors? And wasting there time?

These kinds of websites offers free income opportunity and  received very good internet traffic and tons of unique visitors; webmaster placed Adsense and sponsor ads on them for generating good revenue.

Some legit websites of paid survey are

Note – these website only accept users from USA or Canada and only from some specific country, so if your country not listed in it, then its better to not waste your time on them 🙂