marketing-stats-2014There are things to begin implementing this year for internet marketing world. Of course, entrepreneurs, who have online sites, need to work hard for getting the flow of clients and potential customers. This mans that focusing more on PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing, SEM and many more things to stress upon. At the same time, there must be an active role to play for not loosing money unnecessarily.


The fatal mistakes are to be rectified so that online business owners can boost their profits. A website owner must understand this fact that his webpage is required to hold the top positions so that h can get the access into the traffic source. Only those visitors will get converted to end-users, when thy will see the webpage from the search engine results. If they don’t find the name of the webpage in a search engine then how they can purchase products and services from a particular online page. This directly means lost sales, lost customers, lost profits, lost chances and lost of the digital presence.


Those days have passed away when there was megaphone marketing – a phrase used to portray a technique of advertising, where an advertisement is placed before the mass in the hope that some of them will create positive responses. Print advertising, yellow page publicity, directory promotion, poster promotion, cold calls and mass email blasts are traditional form of sales and marketing now and expensive too. They have low success rates and no more desired by clients at all. Customers are smart and hence, they will try to control information which are receive mostly and straightway from search engines and not by any traditional ad presentation.


internet-marketing-sales-funnel2This year also online marketing and their trends are shifting for a new height. So, traditional methods will sheer wastage of time, money and energy for internet trade. At present, this is the age of magnet marketing – a latest technique in which a webpage owner focuses his company’s advertising efforts so that clients or customers can find the website in a search engine with a specific product name or keyword. This type of online sales and marketing involves latest magnetic methods like content marketing, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, social media selling and affiliate selling. In a different point of view, customers are now in control as they can find a specific webpage when they look for an online product or a service.


Along with all these, replacing ad promotion with images/ videos included content marketing will rock this year. For example, powerful content like blogs, articles, webpage content and press releases are to be practiced a lot in this year. Internet marketing players need to create cool looking, customer-friendly and rich in picturesque content websites irrespective of products and services. Following all these tips and improving search engine outcome will really make a webpage owner rich with maximum profits in his wallet. At the same time, an entrepreneur will be able to collect a reliable list of loyal customers with a long-term relationship. Thus, efforts of new and old online entrepreneurs will not go in vain in this electrifying world.