images (1)Traditional blogging in the world of internet has changed tremendously. Novel bloggers are now looking to develop rich content and spread it out in a transparent marketplace where authorities and brands can work in collaboration. Such transparent marketplaces allow content developers and influencers to put forth their offerings and pricing so that various brands get a clear picture of the profiles and select the ones that best suit their requirements available in the marketplace.

Influential marketing although has evolved much, it still is in its emerging phase. It is only now that entrepreneurs have started to recognize its potential power. It is mostly used by many brands only for micro campaigns but its applications are wide for development and distribution of content. It is sure to follow the same path that search marketing had done for two reasons:

Reason 1: The marketplace is ready:

It is because the social web is highly in vogue. Millions of people continue to join various online communities because of which influencer marketing will continue to grow as a core marketing concept and strategy too. Besides, the influence is also constantly being scaled online. Based upon the social activities, influence is being scored.

Reason 2: Influencer Ads-Google’s debut tool:

images (2)The growth and acceptance of influencer marketing will be monitored and supervised by Google and their future plans to widespread advertising dependant on Google+. Google revealed back that their new advertising framework would not be based upon keywords and the traditional old sidebar ads on social networking sites. Instead, the new framework will compute the value of influencers. Their update states that the new framework will allow brands to target the influencers on Google+ and give them a revenue share against advertising content on behalf of the brand. Thus, the marketing opportunity has now widened wherein Google is bringing together brand with influencers who would also be paid to disseminate brand content.

If we consider the organic side, even the everlasting SEO practices have diminished in value because of the concept of influence. Today, it is more about who is sharing the content and not about keyword optimization on the web pages. Hence, here are a few tips that can be adopted to shift the focus to influencer marketing:

  1. Study customer profiles to whom the content would be delivered. To have an effective influence on the audiences, you first need to identify the target audience based upon their social media behavior and accordingly sculpt your content. The right target audience would spread your word even rapidly because it will influence them effectively.
  2. Have an influential content to put forth. Your influencers will never look to endorse such content that is of poor quality or does not have power. Follow the cycle of Research-plan-story tell-develop-optimize-distribute-review. You definitely will have a precise rich content that will have great influence on the influencers and ultimately your audiences.

Build comfortable rapport with the influencers so that he exhibits your brand fully.