images (12)Social media marketing is no doubt the reborn Christ for all small and large scale businesses. The only platform with maximum reach for businesses, a conversation and gossiping platform for friends, family , acquaintances ; be it personal or professional social media marketing has broaden smiles in a better way. Most people though do have the idea how social media works but there are some blunders which are still into existence and my this article will only help you to overcome all these mistakes that are bound to be made. Check out below mentioned 10 tips on how to handle your social media campaign and have a sustainable growth just by avoiding common blunders.

Post – Online presence once or twice is a week isn’t enough to stay in touch with your customers as they want your presence as and when they lo-gin or have query in mind. To stick to their mind and to make them stick to your site , provision of access to relevant content should be provided to them. So don’t fail to post and on regular basis.

Waiting isn’t customer thing – Response if is swift is best. Quick response with relevant content is something all your users always expect out from you. Be proactive on all your social media sites. Just like you don’t want to be on hold on customer care calls it is exactly users don’t want to stay on hold with queries in mind. Not answered question and unclear queries may direct to sites where they’ll have more homely and considerable feel.

Innovation and creativity is the call – Competition is big ans to stand out one needs to prove. Traditional ways of promoting business isn’t the right way to go on social media marketing. Do something that is unique, eye-catchy , attracting , luring and that appeals visitors. Grabbing audience attention at the first visit will make them visit again so develop and create something which is is classy.

Spy your competitors – No one can motivate you better then your competitors. Nearly everyone has access to social media marketing tool and many with no doubt are making a killing out of it just by using the right way. So educating yourself just by looking on to strategies your competitor is following is something that should be adopted by all. This will not only help and generate ideas but will surely take your business towards on online sloping curve. Negativity is the root cause of low profits.

images (13)No one, nor in personal world , neither in professional world ever likes to take forward for negative comments but in social media marketing this is something that is uncontrollable. People are free to speak and post whats on their mind, which sometimes is irrelevant too and may hamper your business profits. But always remember to focus on “good quality feedback” and criticism which has a logic base and should be tried to act out. Responding to criticism may help you to discover the weak links , if any and to support a good rapport of yourself.

Too much of everything isn’t good. Repeated advertisements we all hate. Good promotion at the right time is the way to deal with your users without pushing them to flicking with their remote buttons. Be original and try not to annoy your customers as too much involvement may harm your business.

Equality in all domain – Marketing limits to some extent as the industry says as advertising , web development, media buying, Public relations, Customer experience, SEO plats the multi-functional role. Don’t push only one of these and make sure all are important and equal consideration and marketing push should be given to all areas as it will help you in long run with a clear road map to growth and success.

Understand – Every business is different and so are the requirements. Understanding your business and then adapting to the best social media network will help your business grow and succeed. There are new social media sites available but every business has limits and trying to make presence on all tools is not easy and time consuming.

Never ignore Data – Have a goal and then know and understand what you are doing on social media sites. Keeping a track is equally important. Locate the best ways to track and use data that may prove important and relevant to your business. Every visitor , follower, article purchase, article read should have a track for your own business benefit. There are many sites which offers great tools just to track on how successful your social media marketing is doing and also recommend changes if needed . One such site is HubSpot.

Pay for your fan pool – Get as much engagement as you want just by buying your followers but never go the unnatural way as it will/may jeopardize your site/account.

Keep following the aforementioned tips and have a great business and great fan base free of cheating tactics.