Link-Building (1)Google’s algorithm updates of Penguin and Panda have led to more changes in the world of digital marketing in the past two years. Both the updates have changed everything of online marketing practices, from how ‘backlinks’ should be designed to how sites should be created.

Backlinks are those links that bring visitors to your site from another site. If you build these links properly, you can actually improve your website’s search engine optimization. So if you are yet stuck up in the old practices of link-building, it is high time now that you use upgraded link building strategies for best SEO and here are some areas where you need to improve your activities for the best results:

1.      Guest Posting:

Penning an article that would be published on another company’s site is the process of guest blogging. This technique not only helps you to gain access to a newer audience but also assures you one worthy back link directed to your site. To maximally benefit from this strategy, you need to work with highly regarded well known blogs and send them only your excellent content for publishing them on their sites. Guest posting focuses only on building healthier relationships with other sites and their audiences.

2.      Creation of Infographics:

People generally like to share data in images and graphic form because it is one of the most pleasing ways for sharing. If you devote some time and effort in developing attractive and interesting Infographics, it has the potential of being shared from one person to another, resulting in building new links each time your Infographics is referenced on some other site. Of course, it definitely takes money and time to develop a valuable infographic but when it is done correctly, the investment yields high returns in terms of links.

seolinktactics3.      Build links through email:

Google has started cracking down those links that are found in the footers or blog sidebars of the web pages.  Hence, building ‘in-content’ links; links that are in the body of the content of the referring web pages has become crucial. You can build such links through email link building wherein you mail potential linking sites and request them to place your link on every relevant page.

4.      Creation of share-worthy content:

For effective link building, viral content development is crucial. It is the process of creating and publishing highly worthy content that can be highly shareable on your site and then planting those links on famous social networking sites. It is obvious that if you create valuable content, people would not be reluctant to share it with others.

5.      Assess competitor’s links:

There are various tools and applications that allow you to view those websites that link back to your competitors’ sites. You can actually explore numerous ideas for potential sources by viewing the backlink profiles of your competitors. You definitely might want t make use of these opportunities.

If you maintain a strict link-building strategy, your focus will definitely broaden on generating highly worthwhile links that will also appear very natural to the search engines.