images (41)Any random person can create a website, set a Twitter account or launch a Fan page on Facebook but the real essence lies in spreading the power of your website on the biggies of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines get successful when they provide you relevant and legitimate content or results. If they fail to give the searchers what they are looking for, they get flushed into the graveyard of search engines.

The big search engines all assure that they provide relevant search results to all their users. To ensure rich quality, the engines strive hard to determine the true credibility of the websites. In theory, if you are successful in pleasing your old visitors, there are more chances to earn trust from new users/visitors. It would be interesting to find out how credibility of a website is measured. Here is quick insight of it and tips to improve the credibility of your website.

Search engines take into consideration various factors while determining the site’s credibility and legitimacy that include:

  • Error-free website: Spelling mistakes, missing pictures, 404 errors are all signs of poor website and credibility.
  • In-links: These are those links that bring users on your website from external sources. If you are good on the external links, you automatically appear good to Google and Bing.
  • Out-links:  Opposite to in-links, out-links are those that lead users from your site on to other sites. If links on your sites are broken or irrelevant, your position in the search rankings can go for a toss.
  • User-friendly website: New visitors would get attracted to your website if your site is easy to navigate. If your site seems too complicated or difficult to navigate, your traffic will get lost and thus, your site will get unsuccessful
  • Traffic: Your site is assumed to be more relevant if you have high traffic on your website.

The Newest factor that affects your site’s credibility by getting Social:

Traditionally, SEO and Social were entirely two separate entities within an organization. SEO dealt with being “found” and “visible” while Social media is all about promoting to those who have already found your business. Today, both of them work hand-in-hand to increase the credibility.

Social Media gets the real human out while searching:

While integrating search with social media, it is humans who search and not search spiders and robots. Social media now empowers users to search on social networking sites too because of enhanced SEO practices. Today, through social networking, sharing of site links is also possible which was not possible before; only website creators could do that.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-11-at-12.05.50-AMSocial Authority over websites:

Just like Google and Bing rate the credibility of websites, they also do for social media users. They consider various factors such as who you are following, how many users follow you, how many share your links, and other factors.

Thus, a perfect combination of SEO and Social Media with best practices used increase the credibility of your website.