download (1)There are many features which allows you to do wonders on Google search results but what comes with this feature is one can add photos and images to all kind of search results.

Successful and effective article writing, marketing isn’t about the consistent improvement rather it’s an ongoing process wherein the growth comes with reflected results. The ideal and the best approach is to constantly add on in the pathway that not brings the traffic to your site but credibility and a good volume visits. There are features which allow you to get all these in an effective and simple way which marks a way to very pretty simple results and all you need to implement is ongoing enhancements to witness any radical growth.

Anything that guarantees a huge and positive impact on the effort done is something we called the work done in a successful and potential way.

One simple way is –

images (2)Enroll for authorship by Google which makes it very much possible for you to share your image just next to the article written and posted by you. The new feature not only enhances readers interest in the content but we all have been a victim of what retains with an image is far more effective then what remains with the alphabetical orders in content. A huge impact of this is witnessed when a potential reader eyes are immediately drawn to your image placed next to the top of the page and what else one needs when just by clicking the image on your page one gets rushed to a page wherein all the info related to all articles written by the writer gets presented in one go. It’s not that difficult to stand out from the crowd with just simple modified search results for your niche.

What one needs to do is to connect and sync Google profile with articles. Three simple steps should be followed for this advanced feature –

Log into your exiting account or sign up for a new Google profile

Click professional head shot and upload it adding all your contributor information

Link your email address with your Ezine Articles account by permitting Ezine Articles to share all your information.

For detailed steps please follow step by step procedure –

Log into your account with Click on the icon “Google+” to the left of your photo on the window. Clicking on it will link your Google profile with EzineArticles account and your Google+ account, which though different by names are same.

This may take few days as set-up and approval is not a speedy process. In 7-8 days your profile picture and the newly purchased Google authorship should appear in all your search results for all articles written and posted by the writer. Google isn’t responsible for any alert on the approval so one needs to keep an eye on all the results. It’s a convoluted process and time is needed while following these steps and skipping either step shall not show up the results as talked above. If missed a step the whole process has to be started again and many a times it happens following all steps also requires multiple attempts.

One thing that is relevant to know is the picture that will be shown in all your search results will be your Google+ account image and not the author pic on EzineArticles photo.

A very powerful feature for all EzineArticles Authors giving a competitive edge to you and exposure in the social media marketing and day!