download (18)Foursquare is known as a mobile social networking platform that enables users to check-in at a place to connect with their surroundings and gather awards foe sharing their experience. For businesses small or large, it is a free of cost service that can be used to enhance opportunities for brands to link with their audience and share their latest updates. Given below are the three ways in which your business is benefited from this social networking platform:

Augment your brand awareness: You may be utilizing Foursquare already without even any requirement of any profile on it but you need to take control of your page and make sure that you give out the right information to audience so they have a precise perception of your company and company products. The information must be updated. Once you page is on top and working fine, audience gains access to the content you have prepared and a venue where they can share their experiences through posts, images and tips. To enhance brand awareness post a number of updates to share any news, specials or any future events that will be displayed on the user’s news-feed. Remember the updates must always contain important information that makes your business stand apart from the crowd and interesting to the audience. This characteristic enhances your page visibility and the strength to get more likes. Once you begin utilizing Foursquare, it is also an ideal thing to utilize a window cling or Foursquare logo on location to let customers know that they can check-in!

images (29)Build customer loyalty: Surprise your customers by rewarding them and enhance repeat business by providing a promotion when customers check-in at your place. Promotional offers that unique or exclusive to its users will lure pull fresh customers and reward the current ones for visiting again and again. For instance, a coffee house’s free drink on your first visit and after that 15% discount on your third visit will not only raise the interest of the customer in visiting your venue but also boost them to come again and again. Building special promotions for your business web page also lends you with a chance to think something different as not all offers have to be related to discounts.

Lets you know of customer demographics: Once you venue is  claimed for your business page, this social networking platform provides free analytic that enables you to explore who is visiting your business page and when. With this data, you can easily draw a conclusion that how many check-ins you are receiving a week, how many Foursquare users share their Foursquare posts on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and which visitors are first timers or what we call as frequent flyers. Foursquare turns it even simple for you by sending a weekly email with highlighted activity on you page, embracing famous images and tips that users have created.