images (2)The websites are very much useful to establish the intended brand or the business through the internet. The worldwide viewers it can get through the designs of the website. But there are many conditions in creating the websites and often people make the mistakes of designing the website in a wrong way. Here are some most mistakes that are found in the web designing.

Lengthy topics:

The viewers are all very impatient and they do not like lengthy topics to be read in one page. It is better to split the entire topic in several pages but in each page there should be short and to the point ideas.

Frequency of the images:

The images should be not so much that the content is overlooked. The other consequence for putting more images can be the slowdown of the website which will make the website not viewed by the visitors. Therefore one or two images will be perfect not more than that.

Easy directions:

The visitors always are in need of easy directions for finding something in the website. If the directions or the links are written in too small or too big fonts it is problematic for the visitor to visit the link. The directions should be quick and easy.

Music in the background:

It is a very bad idea to impress the visitors. No visitor wants the ear breaking sound coming out from the speaker when the website is opened.


The animated GIFs are better to be avoided because it is very old fashioned.

images (3)Availability:

If the web design does not include the contacts of the website owner or the company then it is unsuccessful as the viewers may be in need of the help of the company for what the contact details is needed like the email id, phone number etc.

Choice of colors:

Many websites are seen with drastic choice of colors. Some puts the color for the background and the fonts which are not contrasting at all, so difficult to read, some use so much colors altogether that they are difficult to resist for the viewers eyes. It is better to go with one or two contrasting colors.

Using of fonts:

The choice for the use of fonts should be proper. The mixing up of the fonts is not at a good thing and that can make the impression of the website very bad in front of the viewers.

Social media sites:

It is important for the website to involve various social media sites in the websites to be recognized there also and to get more viewers but nothing excessive is good and putting many share buttons to the social media sites can make the website messy it will be hard for the people to find anything there easily.

Web redesigning:

It is not possible to get the instant and completely reverse result of getting huge numbers of visitors in it after redesigning it or designing it. Therefore patience should be there.