Unique-keyword-search-and-selection-strategyTo get more visibility in the top search engine’s result list, optimization of your website is utterly necessary and for that; you need to find the perfect keywords related to your brand, products, or services. Sometimes, the entire procedure of keyword researching can get out of your hands. As an owner of a website, you thoroughly need to have adequate knowledge about the keywords, their nature, and their types because users generally type certain phrases or sets of keywords in the search boxes because these keywords are their queries and you, as a website owner should be able to recognize these keywords. Why? Because you need to get real SEO practices at work for maximal optimization of your website to be visible in the search results and even bring improvements within your website.

While researching about keywords, you definitely might have faced and understood the importance of keyword search volume or even keyword competition. But for a while, do not focus on these two words. For now, the concerning area is identifying those set of keywords or phrase that are actually punched by your customers in the search engines. How do you find these keywords? Explore it further through effective ways:

Bring customer-research knowledge to work: You are the one who is maximally familiar with your own business rather than any third-party or SEO expert to whom you generally outsource the job of identifying keywords. Hence, you should start penning a list of all those keywords in various combinations that are mostly entered in the search engines by your customers.

guide-to-seo-part2Best source of rich information is Google Analytics: Install Google Analytics in your webpage, sign in and navigate through “Traffic Sources”. You will obtain the key visitors and even a list of all the keywords they punched in to obtain results and thus, landed on your website.

Try to use the power of “Related Searches” by Google: On your own, you only can search for every individual keyword on Google that you have generated. If you navigate on “Related Searches”, you will also obtain a list of those results that are closely related to your set of keywords. If any of these keywords are relevant in your nature of business, they surely are the search keywords.

Now that you have the keywords list, you can move further towards “keyword competition” and “keyword search volume”.  Sign into Google AdWords Keyword Planner and select “enter or upload keywords to see how they perform”. Here, paste your raw list. Modify the target keywords, if necessary and then click on “search volume” option. An approximate estimate of monthly average searchers will be displayed that too based upon every individual keyword and even the competitiveness of every keyword according to Google will be generated in front of you.

Search competitiveness is of personal object. If you exist in a market where there is intense competition, you are left with no other option but to target the crucial keywords. On the contrary, you should not even neglect the low competitive keyword because it too has value. Struggling too much for keywords research is not done. It will take time for you to champion this procedure, till then; you can keep modifying your websites according to the keywords mostly searched for.