google-adwords-featuredGoogle has altered many of the features of AdWords which means you too will have to alter your search campaigns in many ways. To maximize the outcome of your campaigns, you will have to fore think the changes that could impact your B2B search programs.

In the sphere of B2B, there are two challenges associated; one is the concentrated customer base that has changing needs and two; limited time and resources to acquire and get the participation of the prospects. Here are the changes that AdWords has adopted and according to the changes, you can alter your campaigns for B2B search campaigns:

The Influence of Devices and demography:

Amongst the many changes, two major shifts come down to focusing and controlling the campaigns to deliver them on devices and destinations. Because of the Enhanced Campaigns, Google is about to enable its platform for various mobile phones comprehensively. Search Marketers that have created campaigns for targeting specific destinations or mobiles, they will have to modify their campaigns according to the changes made by Google. This implies that advertisers will have to frequently keep changing the bid for a bundle of keywords because the bid changes will influence both, the mobiles and desktops or multiple destinations.

adwords-enhanced-campaignsEnhanced Google Display Network and more number of bidding options:

With your Google Display Network, you will now have more number of bidding options. In the existing network, you have a bidding hierarchy which does not allow you to use multiple bids simultaneously. The three bid types to modify your display network include:

  • The Classic Default Bid- This bid type will be the default system if you do not have customized bed set.
  • Custom bid- You can increase the control in the Google Display Network with the help of this bid type. It allows you to place dollar amount bids for every separate keyword.
  • Bid Adjustments- for more precision and better control on your prospects, you can control the bids through this bid type so that you target only the relevant prospects.

Another interesting attribute Google Enhanced Campaigns will have is the function of targeting operating systems. This will bring a new dimension of target depending upon the technological specifications of both-the demographics and the system.

Enhanced features with call plug-ins:

For a B2B marketer who mostly follows calling pattern to generate sales and leads will now enjoy the benefits via call extensions in the Enhanced Campaigns. Call tracking will be free of cost on the mobile devices in those countries where this campaign gets launched. The Call Extension feature will display the number on the mobile devices without the need of call tracking by the marketer/advertiser.

It really does not matter how see the changes in Google Enhanced Campaigns, one fact remains that these changes are coming to improve the AdWords world. The new AdWords platform will include thorough testing. You better understand the changes, adapt to them and capitalize them within your B2B search campaigns.